Best way to learn French

People often ask me what is the best way to learn French. Straight off the bat I would have to tell them that the best way is to study French in France. Now that answer may not come as much of a surprise but it’s completely true.

There are many methods on the market today that can help us to learn French or even improve the French that we already have. One good way is to learn French by podcast. It might sound a bit cheesy but it’s a perfectly good way to get you up to speed with the French language. Other ways include reading French magazines and watching French movies.

I’m just going to relate my own experience and for me it was by far the best way to learn French. French is a romantic language and has its roots in Latin. So, for a Spanish, Portuguese or Italian speaker, French would be easier than other languages to learn.

I made up my mind to study French in a French school in Paris, France. I booked my classes, found an apartment in Paris and finalized my flight details. I thought that if I was ever going to learn French then this seemed to be the best way. It might not have been the cheapest but I wasn’t going to complain now!

Once I got settled into my apartments and started attending the French classes everything sort of fell into place. Here I was in Paris, the most romantic city in the world learning their beautiful language.

I had some wonderful teachers in Paris and I haven’t forgotten them. I stayed for a whole year and learned very quickly. In my class there were students from all over the world. After our French lessons that were every day, we would visit the city and see the sights. We would spend time in little Parisian cafes putting into practice what we had been learning. It was a marvelous experience and one that I would gladly repeat if I ever got the chance again!

I was convinced that this was the best way to learn French – living and breathing the city of lights. This was the only way I was going to learn this language, I thought to myself.

As I progressed in my French studies I decided to take a small job in a local Pâtisserie, which is a sort of French bakery. The owner was impressed with the way I spoke and decided to give me a try. It was great fun and allowed me a bit more freedom and was certainly a confidence booster!

I remember my parents coming to stay with me for a few days and being impressed with my new found language. I would take them out for a coffee and show them the beautiful city of Paris.

They encouraged me to stay and finish my course as they thought that it was by far the best way to learn French, or any other language to be precise.

Once my year was up it was time to go back. At first I was scared but then I plucked up courage and had a few job interviews before I finally got the job of my dreams in advertising. This allowed me to impress my superiors with my French and also allowed me to fly to France every six months or so to meet my French counterparts!

It was a dream come true and I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to travel and study the language of his or her choice.

Someone asked me a while ago what was the best language learning software. I have heard of good reviews about Rocket French and have decided to recommend them. Although it’s not the same as being in the country, the methods are excellent and highly efficient.

If you’d like to get your feet wet with a new language and would like to know the best way to learn French, then learning via Rocket French might be the key to getting your foot in the door, as it were. I think they have a free mini course that you can download and study at your leisure.

There is a whole world of opportunity out there just waiting for you whether you study French in France or by language learning software. Whatever your goals are – for furthering your career, a boyfriend or girlfriend or just a hobby, learning French is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life.

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French Language Courses And Finding The Right One

When I first started to look at French Language Courses with a view to studying French it was a bit daunting to say the least. I couldn’t really decide if I wanted the traditional method of classroom and teacher or an online French language course.

A lot of friends and family members had been advising me but it just made it worse until one good friend suggested the online method and showed me why. After going through the course material I was hooked as this is what I really wanted. I thought now was the right time in my life to study the French language as I had been offered many times by my company the possibility of travelling to France and maybe a permanent job. The only thing that was missing were my non existant French language skills!

I could just imagine myself in Provence, France talking to my clients and conversing with them in their language. It was decided then. I would try out the Rocket French course my friend had suggested and see what happened.

I’m always a bit wary of online courses and buying French language courses online was no exception! Anyway my fears were unfounded, I paid for my course and quickly got to work reading through the manuals etc. I had great fun downloading all the mp3 files to my iPod ready for my French language encounter!

Another thing that surprised me is that it was Mac compatible. I’ve been a Mac user for years and found it pleasantly surprising to see a course designed for my Mac. There are also 33 Interactive Audio Lessons that you can participate in and this made a nice change from the usual boring lessons of listen and repeat I had become accustomed to!

There are also lessons in French culture which I liked and games and quizzes which were very helpful, too.

I used to think that the online versions of these French language Courses were a bit watered down but I was completely wrong. I ordered the online version of Rocket French and had no problems whatsoever. However I did upgrade to the Premium version which has 20 CD’s and is shipped to your door later on as I thought that the chance of having the CD’s as well was too good to miss.

The only thing I can say is that learning another language like French has helped me immensely, not only on being able to communicate properly with French native speakers but also it’s given me an edge in my personal and professional life.

I hope this quick French Language Courses review has helped you make a firm choice to study French. It will certainly enrich your life and bring you great pleasure.

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Six Ways To Learn French

Apart from being born in France to French parents, what other ways are there to delve into the romantic French language? I’ve made a short list of 6 things that will help you learn French as an adult.

1. Travel to France – Yes, travel to France or any of the other wonderful countries around the world where French is an official language. If you haven’t actually studied the French language before you try this step, this is likened to hardcore immersion, but if you combine travel with a more formal method of study, this is certainly the best of these 6 great ways to learn French. Some even say that it’s the best way to learn French.

2. Eat at French restaurants – Menus are generally in French and the waiters will be very helpful in assisting you in the French language. Your accent will improve at the same time. Don’t get carried away with French food though! It’s so delicious that if you’re watching your waistline you’re going to have a tough time with this one!

3. Watch French Movies – If possible, watch French movies with French subtitles and not subtitles in your own language. This can help you catch the gist of what the actors are saying. This is the most relaxing of the 6 great ways to learn French and all you need is a big bowl of popcorn!

4. Take French Classes – Some people need a formal classroom setting, surrounded by other students and with a teacher at the head of the class to really get to know the language. It happens to be a fantastic way to learn the building blocks of French grammar and is very helpful as you learn to speak the language on your own.

5. French Lessons On CD – This is a great method for those among us who do not require the discipline of a classroom setting or don’t have time for it. These people usually learn well by these types of French Language Courses. You can study while driving, cooking, cleaning the house or jogging. For a lot of folks, this may be the easiest of our 6 great ways to learn French.

6. Choose An Online French Program – There are lots of fine French language learning programs available on the Internet, and many of them have features such as games and forums to participate in. You don’t have to tie yourself to the computer, either as many of the audio segments of these programs can be downloaded onto your iPod or MP3 player. Of our 6 great ways to learn French, this might be the most flexible, because you can study wherever you are and whenever you feel like it! The interactive and affordable Rocket French language course has all these features and more.

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Learn French Online

If you are looking for French language courses, a very cost effective solution I found are online French courses. They take away the expensive costs associated with having a tutor come to your house or in a class.

These days there is no need to attend a French language course or even employ a language tutor as the wide range of learn French online programs that are offered on the Internet today is pretty impressive.

With the combination of the Internet for and a CD player for delivering the necessary audio aspect of learning French, and a little time and effort on your part, you can actually become very good at the French language even if you never knew a word of it beforehand.
Nowadays you can learn French as you drive your car on the way to work or you can study and listen to French grammar and examples while you have a coffee or have lunch.

For longer sessions, relaxing in the evening with a glass of French wine might add to the flavour! Gone are the days when we have to go to France to study the wonderful French language. We can do it from the comfort of our own home instead. Obviously, if going to France and studying in a school is what you’re into, I’m not one to dampen your spirits!

With so many things on the Internet today and many places offering free courses, can you expect to learn French online from free French lessons? Not really as most of the free programs are pretty basic and while they may be good for reference, they aren’t that good for getting you a good grounding in the French language. You need proper French language courses and these are what will provide you with a rock steady foundation.

These days an online French course do not cost the earth and it’s a small price to pay to begin immersing yourself in this wonderful romantic language. Learn French online and in next to no time at all you’ll be practicing your new language with the needed skills you have just learned. Find out what’s the best way to learn French now.

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